moxom - manufacturer of acupuncture needles

Moxom® Acupuncture KFT. is one of the foremost manufacturers of acupuncture needles for users all over the world.

The most modern production technology anywhere in the world
the highest quality raw materials
superior hygiene
computer-supported quality assurance, and
highly qualified personnel
guarantee the absolute safety and reliability of our products with superior quality and unparalleled convenience for users and patients.

moxom® - acupuncture needles
soft, elegant, simply perfect!

Moxom Acupuncture Kft
Zsolt fejedelem útja 100
1029 Budapest

Production site:
Moxom Acupuncture Kft.
Berliner-Str. 32
06773 Gräfenhainichen

Tel: +49 (0)34953 8196-0
Fax: +49 (0)34953 8196-12

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